"In an increasingly connected world that's constantly evolving, people don't just want personalised experiences, they expect them," says Hoorah CEO Shaune Jordaan. "We think it's time to connect the dots and prepare for the future, now."

The agency says that the rebrand doesn't just represent a new look and feel for Hoorah Digital, but also the 'evolution' that it has made as a company since its founding.

Hoorah Digital was founded in 2018 by four digital marketing professionals with the aim to deliver real business value to its customers through people-based marketing. The agency expanded July 2018 when Hoorah acquired Tenzing Agency, a Durban-based design and development agency. It expanded again in February when it acquired the creative storytelling agency, Ritual Studio.

Hoorah Digital's founders each have a history working in — and with — some of South Africa's biggest digital agencies, as well as the holding companies that have bought out those businesses over the past decade. These experiences led them to believe that there was a better, more empowering way for brands to represent themselves digitally.

Initially, they did so by presenting themselves as an 'alternative to traditional digital agencies'. The agency says they realised, however, that in order to really change the way digital marketing worked in South Africa, they had to help companies fully embrace digital transformation.

"In a lot of agencies, you'll be given a creative concept and asked to make it work with the programmatic and data tools at your disposal," says Jay Thomson, chief digital officer at Hoorah. "We think that's the wrong way around. Instead, you should use data to create interesting and unique experiences for your potential customers."

Hoorah Digital's head of Paid Media Vumani Ncube adds, "Artificial Intelligence [AI] in marketing is taking a load off marketers' shoulders, allowing us to focus on more data-driven strategies."

"Media marketers can leverage the basic principles of AI in order to understand human psychology and the implications of it in the real world scenario. When media marketing automation leverages AI, it helps to understand and track multiple aspects of user behaviour. Once we get sufficient visibility on these aspects, we can combine this with past marketing campaign data and then build hyper-personalised marketing messages that are sure to bring success," Ncube adds.

Hoorah Digital specialises in combining data with creative output and aims to thoroughly understand performance marketing. It innovates by bringing data and creative together and firmly believes in onboarding the right media technology as its foundation to ensure it establishes strong integrated media roots.

"Most people think of performance marketing as being all about data and dry numbers," says Simon Spreckley, executive creative director at Hoorah. "But the truth is that data is most powerful when it is combined with world-class creativity and storytelling."

Spreckley says that the Hoorah team believes in the power of 'brilliant creative and real data-driven insights'. "The days of just servicing our clients as a marketing agency are dead," he says.

"We're excited to work with our partners, offering innovative solutions across their businesses, transforming them digitally, making meaningful change and growing their bottom line," Spreckley concludes.  

For more information, visit www.hoorahdigital.com. You can also follow Hoorah Digital on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.