From North and East Africa to South Africa, African IT and marketing agencies have partnered with Rocketseed and have received Rocketseed email branding as part of their services.

Rocketseed's newest partner companies include:
  • V5 Digital in Namibia
  • ITWorx and Webscape in Botswana
  • Adonai Corporation in Zimbabwe
  • Underdogs Studio in Mauritius
  • Cloudhop in Kenya
Rocketseed says that, with its user license model, its partners are able to 'secure a recurring revenue stream from the start', while opening up new opportunities to attract new leads and up-sell to their existing clients.  

The agency adds that effective email branding is proven to deliver a wide range of business solutions. According to Rocketseed, email branding achieves brand consistency and compliance, successful marketing, sales and employee engagement. The agency says that 'everyday employee email' is the top business communication channel.

Rocketseed has offices in South Africa, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and its has representation in Australia. The agency says that it appreciates the scale of opportunity that Africa offers to its programme as Rocketseed expands.

"We've been pleasantly surprised by the immense interest we've received from companies in Africa wanting to join our partnership programme," says Wade Willingale, MD of Rocketseed South Africa. "We're delighted to have them all on-board, and [we] look forward to having long prosperous relationships with them." 

If you are interested in becoming a Rocketseed partner, you can find out more about the rewards and opportunities here.

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