Ezelna Jones, group marketing executive at BURGER KING®, described the agency's proposal as "innovative, bold and cool — with a strong strategic direction, and the omni-channel approach that [they] have been looking for."

"In the last few years, BURGER KING® international has built a reputation in award-winning creativity, and we felt it was time to define our brand back home. We have joined forces with an agency that is aligned with our ambitious business and brand objectives — and an agency who appreciates the equal importance of the love for our food and our brand," Jones adds.

"We operate in a highly competitive sector and our competitors have very large marketing budgets. This requires our internal and external team to be committed to the brand, and we were lucky when the team from Saatchi & Saatchi blew us away. We knew we had found the right partner when we felt equally scared and excited at some of the ideas they presented," Jones says. 

"BURGER KING® is a global icon brand — but in the South African context, it's an attacker brand. We love the challenge of bringing our data and creative capabilities together to outperform the competition and ultimately to help accelerate business growth," says Quinton Luck, managing director of Saatchi & Saatchi.

Jonathan Beggs, Saatchi & Saatchi ECD, concludes, "We're thrilled to have BURGER KING® in the house. Most exciting for us is that it's a brave company that truly looks to breakthrough creative ideas to drive business growth. We're looking forward to doing great work on a brand that is famous for it."

The account will be serviced in Cape Town by a team that brings together creative, digital and data capabilities.

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