Founded in 2005, InfoQuest pioneered longitudinal consumer panel market research services and market research in Africa across multiple platforms — both traditional and non-traditional devices, including PC, mobile and face-to-face.

"From the very beginning, we have been able to generate reliable, consistent and actionable information quicker and at a fraction of the cost of any alternatives, thereby helping businesses to make better marketing decisions," says Claire Heckrath, managing director of InfoQuest.

"Leveraging the power of automation, InfoQuest delivers rapid research results, within 24 hours within some cases. It's rare for a project to last more than five days from start to finish and our clients value our ability to produce quality results, cost-effectively and at a sprint," adds Heckrath.

Following the rebranding from PSA to InfoQuest, the company says that it now builds upon its traditional services offering, which includes research areas ranging from employee research through to campaign evaluations. It also includes the following research methods:
  • new product sales forecasting
  • predictive advertising and pack testing
  • panel operation
  • customer satisfaction surveys
  • hybrid methods (qualitative and quantitative) research support
  • brand health research
InfoQuest says that it can assist businesses with obtaining real-time access to market insights, adjusting their marketing strategies to be in line with their consumers' journey requirements, as well as tracking and making sense of a business's customers' experience,  

"It has been a tremendous honour to be in a position to witness the evolution of PSA into InfoQuest first hand. Over the course of the last 14 years, we have transformed to become a single-source solution for all of the research needs of our customers," says Heckrath.

"We can assist our clients to convert all of their marketing big data into actionable insights around customers that can fuel the growth of their businesses, drive enhanced levels of customer engagement and discover new market segments to tap into," concludes Heckrath.

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