To kick-off the campaign, HelloFCB+ says that it built a tool powered by artificial intelligence that links up to all the live scores and relevant hashtags of every premier league match. At the end of each game, the tool automatically creates a unique banner featuring the game's score and then immediately hijacks the heated Twitter football conversation in real-time.

Fans are then led to the 'Bouquets for Bros' page where they can choose from 20 individually designed and color-coded commiseration arrangements to send to their friends to 'really rub their noses in it'.

"Guys tend to show affection for one another through banter and 'dissing'," says chief creative officer, Mike Barnwell. "So we figured, what better way to do this than by getting them to send each other huge bunches of flowers to say how 'sorry' [they] are for their [friend's] loss — not." 

The campaign is set to run throughout the full premier league season, featuring all 380 matches, giving guys the opportunity to gift their friends throughout. 

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