Online marketing has remarkable significance as it helps a business make their products or services more searchable on the Internet. It changes the approach of business as it recognises potential clients.

It also helps to get high ranks in SERP (search engine result pages) and the attention of industry authorities, which instantly boosts the credibility of a business. As the use of the Internet is increasing with each passing day, more businesses are heading towards SEO strategies to benefit from online marketing.

Mobile phone applications are also playing a pivotal role to generate publicity for the brand. With these smartphone apps, businesses can track records of various aspects and get an in-depth look at the outcome of their online marketing.

Here are four apps that will enhance and upgrade your online marketing:

1. Google analytics

Statistics that examined 4 million websites report that 28% of sites use Google Analytics. These statistics reflect the remarkable popularity of this app in the business world.

Google Analytics is free to use and provides a whole package. It provides in-depth data about details of the website, including average time spent on the site, pages viewed by each visitor and other relevant variables.

The Google Analytics app is considered the most efficient tool for comparing sites, as it measures various timeframes — side by side — in the region of South Africa. It also helps in assessing outcomes in comparison to objectives and coordinating revenue with SEO outlay. 

2. iSEO

This app from Apple provides excellent scope for online marketing to get more traffic diverted to a business site in South Africa. It allows skimming numerous rankings that include Technorati Authority, Blog Worth, MSN/Yahoo, Index pages and others.

With this app, businesses can get a snapshot of the activity of their pages, together with the density of keywords. "iSEO offers services to examine the online indicators over time so that the website of respective business can isolate the content that generates more leads," says John Parker, head of marketing department at King Essay.

These indicators can also be used to oversee the movements of business competitors and used to develop a marketing strategy for an online platform accordingly.

3. WeChat

WeChat is another tech solution for online businesses that has been recently launched in South Africa. It is a mobile instant messaging service, which allows businesses to create their own official account.

This account is used to share the marketing content, features various offers and interacts with followers of the respective business. It is a new and exciting mode of online marketing that diverts more organic traffic to the site of business.

Its mobile messaging service allows a user to send marketing updates to broad audiences, thus helping to create a successful influencer marketing strategy. WeChat has about 500 million users around the globe and is getting highly popular among businesses for enhanced online marketing.

4. Slack

Slack is one of the most useful apps that provide significant support in boosting an online marketing strategy. It is a small-business collusion and real-time messaging platform. According to statistics, as of January, Slack is used by more than 10 million people every day.

It was originally created for small and medium enterprises but, because of its outstanding performance, it is being adopted by business giants such as HBO, Airbnb and eBay.

Slack allows businesses to develop different communication channels for various purposes such as online marketing to boost online presence. It is easy to use, which makes communication tractable without the hassle and the app also smoothly integrates with other services operating in South Africa.

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