Flume won the award for a campaign that it created for Love Justice, an anti-human trafficking organisation. "We simulated how young girls can be deceived into a life of slavery by creating a fake modelling agency called HT Modelling," says Flume managing director, Jacques Du Bruyn.

"We then reached out to the girls on social media via the fake agency, inviting them to a prestigious modelling shoot at an international island resort. The girls gave us their details via a landing page, and as they finished filling out the form, a message popped into full view with the words, 'You could have just been trafficked'," adds Du Bruyn.

This campaign, according to Flume, brought about an awareness of human trafficking in the digital age and aims to serve as a cautioning for people to not give out their personal details so easily. Flume also says that it's an example of its internal motto of 'make it matter'.

"Winning this award proves what we already know about ourselves; we can create and deliver innovative award-winning digital campaigns that matter," Du Bruyn concludes. "It's also great knowing that this award creates even more awareness for this cause."

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