Rogerwilco's CEO Charlie Stewart says, "We are delighted to have effected an inside-out transformation by facilitating employee-based ownership of the agency and are encouraged by the growth in both our client and staff base, as well as our overall bottom line." 

Rogerwilco — whose name is derived from radio communication protocols — says that it entered the 2018/2019 year with five key objectives including:
  • to complete the B-BBEE transformation of the agency
  • to establish a presence in Johannesburg
  • to build out its creative competency
  • to invest in martech
  • to continue delivering a quantifiable return on investment for its clients, which would translate into profitable growth for the agency
The agency has achieved all five objectives and has also been active in enhancing its martech capabilities. After an 18 month due diligence and certification process, Rogerwilco became the first South African ad agency to be afforded IBM Watson business partner status in July 2018. It added Tealium, the world's leading customer data platform, to product set in June this year.

"As marketing becomes more scientific, we're acutely aware of the need to blend creative messaging with platforms that facilitate delivery," says Stewart. "While our martech investment is [in an] early stage, there's significant market interest and we're confident that the process of introducing tech to the corporate marketplace will also allow us to sell them our broader service offering."

"Our strong culture — driven by employee ownership and an investment in skills development, coupled to an appealing service set that provides clients with measurable outcomes — has helped establish Rogerwilco as a real contender in the South African agency landscape," concludes Stewart.

The winners of the Assegai Awards will be announced on Thursday, 7 November and the winners of the Financial Mail AdFocus Awards will be announced on Sunday, 27 November. 

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