Here are eight ways to use Instagram to get customer feedback about your company and its products: 

1. Have feature accounts

Feature accounts on Instagram are posts that are tailored specifically for a certain niche or industry, such as flooring designs or coffee drinkers. If you're a digital marketer for your company, it's a great thing to use because the gorgeous content is created by the clients and you don't have to pay to develop any.

2. Post live feeds

To find the best, most relevant and up-to-date customer feedback, set up a live feed. This is an excellent online way to invite your clients to be a part of a product launch, a contest online or any other type of event live.

A great example of how powerful this can be is the online news website, UnboxTherapy, which live-streamed the Apple product launch to over a million viewers. Jeanine Kelly, a marketer at Writinity and Last Minute Writing, says that "users can interact with the live streaming with comments and questions, creating a good dialogue between the company and the clients, which creates a strong brand connection and customer loyalty.”

3. Be socially relevant

You can also tie your brand to a social cause by encouraging followers to take up a certain cause. Examples of this could be environmental protection, self-empowerment and strong body image. Build a reward for contributors by announcing that for every post tied to that social cause, the company will donate to a relevant organisation.

This is a perfect way for people to feel connected to a greater cause, as well as increase your brand recognition and public perception.

4. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to get clients to share their experiences with your brand or customer stories. You can also use these stories to encourage your audience to visit your website for a product launch or discount offer. Instagram Stories has the functionality of a CTA button, such as what Starbucks used to promote cold beverages.

5. Accommodate for customer testimonials

Brands can use customer testimonials to promote a product? — especially if clients post photos of themselves with their product. If clients post how they're using the product, the company can respond to it in a way that makes the client feel acknowledged and appreciated. This also increases the brand's reach.

You can even respond to those photos with a shopping link so that a person's followers can find out exactly how to get a similar item. The reality is, however, that it's much more likely for people to leave a bad review about something than they are to leave a good review. Brands have to work all the harder to understand user feedback and be able to respond to unhappy customers and showcase that they care.

6. Show the 'behind the scenes'

By showing Instagram followers some behind-the-scenes looks and sneak peek at what's being developed or coming soon, users will feel more connected to the company and will feel part of a bigger community sharing excitement about something.

If there's a big industry event that your company is attending, consider using Instagram Stories to show some behind-the-scenes shots and videos and include your clients in your journey. It will make your customers feel like they are part of the team — an exclusive family centered on the brand.

7. Be fun

Even more traditionally 'boring' industries can spice things up on Instagram and promote themselves through great content. Henry Milton, a social media blogger at Draft Beyond and Gum Essays, says, "By coming up with effective hashtags and tagging clients in Instagram posts, you're including the network. Pair that with some clever, engaging content [and] you can easily market yourself and expand your reach."

8. Monitor your mentions

Clients can mention brands in their posts to share their experiences or give public feedback. When companies monitor these mentions of their brand, they can find out a lot about what their customers think about their product, their reputation and their business. Track the mentions and respond appropriately to build trust with your audience.

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