With so much competition out there, it is vital that your brand stands out. And standing out is something that King Price does very well.  

media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg takes you through five things you can learn from King Price’s effective marketing strategy. 

Here are the five things that King Price can teach marketers:

1. Embrace the rainbow nation

What King Price does: South Africa is a rainbow nation, and by including different races in its adverts, King Price ensures that its brand messages speak to everyone. When a person sees these adverts, they feel as if the brand was keeping them specifically in mind. 

What you can learn from them: Be inclusive in your marketing. Even if you think that your brand will only resonate with a particular audience, rather let the consumers decide what they’re interested in.

2. Use humour — its a magic tool

What King Price does: The brand makes use of humour that’s specifically relatable to South Africans. Its ‘Do something sexy to a tractor’ advertisement plays on the Afrikaans language, which means that Afrikaans people will have a laugh.

By making use of humour, people will make a positive association with your brand. And it’s no secret that South Africans deal with stressful situations with plenty of laughs.

What you can learn from them: Even though insurance is a very important and serious matter, King Price finds a way to make it fun and relatable and that is something that every brand should focus on. By creating fun and engaging content, you can be sure that consumers will keep coming back for more!

3. Feature South African celebrities

What King Price does: Most South Africans are familiar with the brand Liefde Wen, and many people know that the founder is Bouwer Bosch, who plays in local movies such as Vuilwas Goed and Mooi Rivier.

King Price has featured him in a few of its adverts, and you can see that the engagement on those videos are higher than any of its other videos.

What you can learn from them: Making use of well-known people in South Africa will catch your target audience’s eye, which will encourage them to engage with your content. Making use of local celebrities also gives the adverts an authentic, South African feel.

4. Keep up with trends

What King Price does: Consumers love it when a brand is current and when it keeps up with the latest trends. King Price released an ad in 2016 with Peter de Villiers, who was a South African rugby player and coach. In the advert, he talks about how to grow and maintain the perfect moustache for Movember and makes use of rugby terms to explain it (humour, making an appearance once again).

What you can learn from them: If you keep up with the latest trends and incorporate them into your content, you can be sure that your target audience will be more likely to respond.

But, it is important to remember that the trend needs to tie in with your brand, and if it doesn’t, you may need to shake it up a little.

5. Rethink ‘corporate social responsibility’

What King Price does: If you go onto King Price’s website, you will find that the brand thinks about corporate social responsibility as #MakingADifference. Taking this approach shows consumers that they don’t do good because they have to, they do good because they want to make a difference. The brand’s ‘On My Cycle’ ad is a great example of this.

What you can learn from them: By taking a different approach to what corporate social responsibility is, you can get your consumers involved the same way that King Price does it. By creating engaging content that allows people to have a laugh and, at the same time, receive a serious message.

What are other marketing tips that we can learn from South African brands? Let us know in the comments section below.

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