The TVC was based off of a brief from Famous Brands' marketing executive Toni Joubert and was shot in one day. The TVC features uMalume, the respected uncle who is regarded as the one who imparts knowledge to the children of the family.

The 28-year-old South African brand is the leading quick-serve restaurant in the pizza market. It's TVC was created by the following team:
  • creative director Greg Cameron
  • art director Motlagole Nthite
  • copywriter Junior Mokoma
  • directors Chloe Coetsee and Ian Difford from Darling Films
In the new Debonairs Pizza ad, uMalume playfully uses this to his advantage, silently invoking his 'Malume' status to sneak a preview slice from each of the five pizzas delivered in the Khetha 5 box.

The children wait and listen with only their eyes, showing that they know exactly what his strategy is and that they are appreciating the joke.

The ad will air on SABC, ETV, DSTV channels, MNET and Comedy Central for three months.

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