According to Husqvarna, Mtawarira is a family man who embodies the core values of the brand — commitment, teamwork, family and support; he's a natural fit for the position.

"I'm very honoured to be a part of the Husqvarna group," says Mtawarira. "It's a world-class brand and it's incredible to be working with such a professional team." 

Products that make a difference

Welcoming Mtawarira into the Husqvarna family, the brand provided him with products for his garden, including the brand’s best-selling automower®. "I'm often on the road so, when I was home, much of my free time was spent doing chores around the house. Now, because all the mowing is done for me, I am able to enjoy more time with my family," Mtawarira says.

The automower® is one of Husqvarna's many battery-driven 'Silent Nature™' products. As it's powered by electricity, it doesn't produce harmful emissions and works hard in virtual silence. "No more noisy mowing on Sundays," Mtawarira adds. 

Another product that Husqvarna provided Mtawarira with is the brand's high-pressure washer. "Everyone was also really excited about the generator," says Mtawarira. "Now we'll never miss another game on TV when there are power cuts."

Eyes on the future

According to Husqvarna Africa's regional marketing manager Jenna Robinson, the brand is widely recognised throughout the continent. "We have a presence in 30 countries in Africa and are the leading professional brand within our market," she says.

The company says that it is looking forward to emboldening its already strong position by partnering with Mtawarira, a personality whose appeal goes beyond borders. 

As it stands, the product range for Africa includes over 280 items and the catalogue is expanding. Husqvarna wants to move in a way that's strategic as well as sustainable.

"By 2025, 60% of the global population will be living in cities; fewer will have gardens and shared urban green spaces will become more relevant," says Robinson. "We need to think ahead, plan for the future and worry more about emissions — hence our extensive range of battery products and 'silent nature' drive."

"Less noise, less disruption, less harm to the environment — we believe in that, and it helps us stand out," concludes Robinson. 

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