As Africa's longest-running LGBTQ+ME pride event, Johannesburg Pride has received significant support and attendance from the community across the continent in recent years.

In addition to the far-reaching appeal of the event, its location has come to be seen as a safe space for individuals to express themselves freely and escape some of the negativity they may face back home.

This strategic shift, which coincides with the event's 30th year, is intended to usher in a new era for the brand, making it more inclusive and relevant to the entire African LGBTQ+ME community.

As part of this, the repositioning seeks to turn the brand into a year-round platform, taking a much broader, positive stance in terms of the community's rights and needs across the African continent, underpinned by the new tagline, 'Proudly African. Authentically you'.

Joe Public Shift developed the master brand strategy for Pride of Africa, providing a strategic blueprint to inform all subsequent visual and verbal manifestations of the brand.

"As the brand design team, we were challenged to redefine the scope and purpose of the brand so that it can live beyond the physical borders of just the parade," says managing partner Terri-Leigh Cassel, Joe Public Shift. "Instead, it seeks to give members of the community a platform that will ultimately allow them to live life proudly, freely and authentically."

Joe Public Connect supported and amplified the newly launch positioning through a four-month social media campaign, digital billboards and website redesign. This aimed to capture the intention, collaboration and strength of Pride of Africa is its newly created visual identity, which intends to represent equality and acceptance in a proudly and authentically African manner.

At the forefront of this new identity is a custom-designed symbol of liberation and unity: a flag inspired by all 54 African countries. The new flag represents the diversity of Africa's LGBTQ+ME community — a rainbow flag that says "you are accepted, you are welcome and you are safe" as it celebrates both communities and individuals without borders. This spirit informed the recent Johannesburg Pride event on Saturday, 26 October where the flag featured prominently in the actual celebrations.

"We could not have been more excited to work on such an iconic project that plays a part in reshaping the way society perceives the LGBTQ+ME community while advocating for real change to the current status quo," concludes Joe Public Connect's managing director, Mpume Ngobese.

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