The outdoor advertising campaign and TVC were made with the intention to mark Lafarge Zambia's 70th-year celebration. The campaign highlighted the landmarks that Lafarge Zambia has helped to construct, such as the Kariba Dam and the University of Zambia. These structures were structures built for the people to ensure the on-going progress of Zambia.

"By using the line Building Dreams, we reference the dreams of Zambians," says Glen Meier, Boomtown's strategic director. "It gives Lafarge a greater purpose because, yes, they are constructing buildings, dams, monuments and houses, but all of these structures began as a dream in the mind of a Zambian. Once built, these dreams create a stronger, better Zambia for future generations."

The TVC aims to use the same emotive trigger of building a better future b depicting a grandfather reminiscing with his grandson. The goal is to reinforce the message that Lafarge cement is reliable, high-quality and built on a foundation of 70 years in Zambia.

Boomtown partnered with local teams in Zambia, which resulted in collaborations with a local activation company, a TV production company and local actors to produce a high-quality final product that is genuinely Zambian.

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