In digital marketing, a landing page is the new user destination instead of the website. A website provides detailed information about the brand with all the products and services. For this, the user is required to surf through various options to reach the required page.

On the flip side, a landing page directs the user to the page of a particular product, source or information instead of having the user search through the entire website. It makes the job even easier for the user and efficient with an exponential increase in sales for companies.

Here are the top five advantages of having a landing page:

1. A landing page results in more efficient advertising

In this world of technology and websites, it's way too big a task for a new brand to establish its own website and get it out there to people. Moreover, having people walk through their unpopular website is a tedious task.

The solution to this problem could be the presence of a link to a page of your website on one that people use regularly. This landing page expands your domain to all the users of that well-established website.

Providing users with precisely what they are looking for with just a click doesn't just increase your credibility as a brand, but it also enhances customer reach with major conversions in selling products.

2. It will generate insights

Keeping track of the user's needs and accordingly catering to them is one fundamental rule of business. Landing pages help you to keep the market trend updated as the hits on these is a measure of customer reach and needs. 

The trends generated keep you updated on the competition as the industry majorly thrives on cutting the prevailing competition. Plummeting sales or a decrease in the number of conversions can be dealt with according to the data generated. If insights suggest a change in customer demand over a period of time, it will not affect the business as measures can be taken accordingly.

3. The page benefits direct business

A website provides all the information about the company, which influences a user's decision significantly. A well-articulated landing page can do more than just inform viewers about the product or service.

It has been observed that significant visitor conversions tend to occur when the landing page is optimised suitably. A direct link to a product page has enormous potential in keeping a customer when offering considerable discounts, offers, user experience of the page and service.

Moreover, a landing page is a panacea for selling digital products such as ebooks, podcasts, music and videos. Taking the user searching for online content to the right page turns out to be half the job done in terms of marketing.

Numerous platforms can provide you with customised landing pages for this that will showcase your product line-up effectively. You can visit Hustle Life to read a full review of Podia or need an expert opinion on how to design your landing page.

4. A landing page can build a customer database

Reaching out to a considerable customer base supersedes almost everything in digital marketing. Landing pages provide an exponential increase in the number of connected customers with every click.

A simple form asking for crucial details of the customer — including their name, email ID and phone number — that is introduced on the landing page can create an extremely informative database of interested customers.

A company can use this database to keep the customer connected through various platforms. Moreover, it can be used for subscriptions to newsletters, updates on offers and other initiatives.

5. It extends the domain of the website

Search engines make the user experience way too easy. They obliterate the need to go through a labyrinth of websites and filter the top sites through a predetermined algorithm. However, the number of clicks on a website will determine its position on the list.

Landing pages are the primary source of clicks on a website. Having a brand's name in the top searches notches up every section of the company. Moreover, search engines make it easy for your website to be reachable as its search is carried out via keywords. Thus, landing pages benefit directly and indirectly in hiking the number of visitors and extending the domain of the website to a broader audience.

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