To celebrate the positive impact of families exercising together, Sport England has launched a series of short films of mother and their children dancing and exercising to Disney songs. 

Sport England research shows that six in 10 (61%) mothers feel guilty about taking time to exercise, rather than spending time with their family. With this in mind, 'This Girl Can' set out to find a partner that could 'help create fun, family moments that got mothers and children moving together'.

The evidence also showed that enjoyment is the number-one driver that motivates children to get active, while mothers have a greater influence on their children's activity levels compared to fathers. Seven in 10 (69%) mothers think that it is important for their children to see them exercising.

As a result, 'This Girl Can' aimed to make sure that the content is enjoyable, that there are no "wrong moves" and that viewers could take inspiration from the series and implement similar routines in their own lives.

The 'This Girl Can' team says that partnering with Disney Healthy Living — which uses the power of its characters to inspire families to get active — was the ideal solution.

The Disney-inspired dance-along films aim to offer a fun way for mothers and children to be active together through play while helping children to develop healthy attitudes towards physical activity. The videos can be viewed here.

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