According to Mukuru, South Africa is an unwelcoming environment for many African migrants, and this is providing even more impetus and the necessity for sharing their stories.

Mukuru is a money transfer company that aims to serve the diaspora in Africa. The company provides a service to foreign nationals who add considerably to the texture and economy of South Africa.

Workbench was tasked to develop the strategy for the brand going forward. This comprised expanding the brand so that it communicates to a broader audience. "Mukuru is a visionary, brave and entrepreneurial brand that is not afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve and show that it cares for its customers, the diaspora of Africa," says Michael Cook, MD of Workbench.

The TVC and the over-arching campaign intends to show the human side of what lies beneath the hard work and sacrifice that foreign nationals have embraced to ensure that their families are looked after back home.

The brand says that it is proudly African and embodies the continent's spirit, resilience and positivity. The campaign intends to be a testament to that — this being reflected by the fact that the lead actor is a real Mukuru client.

Workbench's creative director Sean van der Westhuizen says that Mukuru is a trusted brand that was established 15 years ago and the TVC leverages that brand trust. "Mukuru is more than a money transfer service; it genuinely cares about its customers," he says.

"The redefined brand message needed to show this and, in turn, claim the high ground of being the brand that reflects the gratitude for what the senders do every day. It's a story of celebration, not misfortune," adds van der Westhuizen.

Mukuru's head of marketing, Bronwyn Pretorius, says that the new campaign is also about saying thank you. "We're a money transfer service provider that is constantly in tune with its customers' needs, in order to find ways to give them what they need," says Pretorius.

"The new TVC establishes this link in a powerful way. We're not going to stop saying thank you to our customers and will continue to serve their needs in a way that understands them the best," concludes Pretorius.

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*Image courtesy of Workbench