"Most South African whiskey drinkers have a Jameson story. Since the first drop that was Triple Distilled in Dublin in 1780, storytelling has been a big part of our brand DNA," says Radley Connor, marketing manager at Jameson and Irish Whiskey at Pernod Ricard.

"We wanted to celebrate local Jameson stories and moments in a way that all South Africans can relate to — showing, once again, that Jameson is the great tasting whiskey that connects South Africans and makes together better," adds Connor. 

With the intent to subvert the tropes of traditional whiskey advertising, the spot makes a conscious decision to dedela abanye (make room for others) and features scenes including street festivities, house parties and an intimate gathering of friends at a bar.

"When you ask yourself what a whiskey drinker looks like, you imagine the epitome of success dressed in a suit, sitting on a leather chair," says Nobantu Sibeko, creative director at FCB Joburg.

"When you ask what a Jameson drinker looks like, the picture is different for anyone you ask because the taste has always been accessible. That's worth celebrating," adds Sibeko.

The ad intends to be a celebration of how South Africans have adopted Jameson, integrating it into a variety of social occasions — not just those defined by the whiskey category.

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