Netcash, which was established in 2003 by Charles Pittaway and Sven Woxholt, was purchased by Sage in 2010 and became Sage Pay. Following the management buy out, the founders have announced that they are returning to the original Netcash name and require a new identity, as well as a communication and brand strategy.

Talking about the design, Boomtown group head Jesse Skarkie says, "The logo colours were inspired by the bright RGB pixels on a digital screen. Being a digital payment and integration brand, we thought that the digital world was a relevant representation here."

"The creative team behind the CI played with the contrast and intensity, and through a thorough understanding of the brand as approachable and playful, we arrived at the lighter green, dark blue and pink colours for the logo," adds Skarkie.

"This also prompted the use of lowercase lettering in the logo. This approach is unexpected and approachable, [and invites] people to engage with the brand and to feel that they can trust the company. [Additionally, it says] that Netcash is different compared to its competitors and other financial service providers," Sharkie says.

The 'n' icon in the logo will also act as a copyright symbol for Netcash. According to the company, this is the stamp they put on their work to demonstrate its confidence and places a message of work successfully delivered.

"In addition to the return to the Netcash name, which holds considerable credibility, there is the introduction of a new strapline to reflect the brand evolution, 'Payments. Delivered'," concludes Boomtown account manager, Anina Pienaar. The rollout is expected at the end of 2019.

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