"The festive season is a chance to take a break and enjoy quality time with family and friends," says Sacha du Plessis, group marketing executive at Spur Corporation. "We wanted to let everyone know that with almost 300 restaurants across the country, Spur is passionate about bringing people together over great food and we are also very proud to be part of the wonderfully unique South African culture."

According to Spur, the new campaign serves to remind South Africans that no matter where they go during the festive season, Spur will be there all along the way. Early B kicked off the campaign with a music video that features South African landscapes and towns peppered across the country.  

"I am honoured to be given the opportunity to celebrate a nation that is culturally rich and diverse, with a brand that brings people together no matter where they come from," says Early B.

"This holiday season I want to encourage South Africans to celebrate this beautiful country but to also remember that no matter where they are, there is a Spur near them, that they can make special memories in," adds Early B.

Spur is expanding the campaign by inviting South Africans to put themselves and their respective home town on the map. "Because we love this country, we want to give people the opportunity to showcase their South Africa by submitting pictures and videos of their towns. [These] can be featured in our fan music video that will launch on Friday, 13 December," concludes du Plessis.

Spur is also inviting consumers to take part in the '#SpurIsEverywhere' challenge, where they can submit themselves — and friends — rapping the lyrics to the song to get a chance to be featured in the fan music video.

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