The company says that is experiencing 170% growth on Facebook and 133% on Instagram to date. According to Sovreign Foods, the increase stems from engagement with the brand's growing community through inspirational and educational content, as well as relevant targeting.

"From day one, our content has been performing well and our target audience is fully engaged with the brand," says Marion Marais, Boomtown senior social media manager. "This first phase exceeded all goals. Next, we'll be launching a fresh new website and continue to drive brand loyalty by digging into the insights we gain daily." 

"Seen as an agricultural business, it has always been difficult for us to try to build product brands and equity in the master brand of Sovereign Foods," says Gerald Walter, Sovereign Foods' director of commercial.

"We were also apprehensive to 'take on' social media. However, we decided to roll out a campaign, with Boomtown managing the process. To date, the results have been exceptional and have proven to be a great tool to build consumer and customer trust in our business and our products."

Sovereign Foods says that it has built its business around quality products, all achieved by the commitment of its employees. "We have always wanted to share our story with the world, and Boomtown has successfully achieved this for us," concludes Walter. "Using social media has also enabled us to showcase a business that is focussed on animal welfare and a great way to try extinguish the myths regarding animal protein."

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*Image courtesy of Sovereign Foods