Before we improve our organic marketing strategies, we first need to understand what they are and how they work. In essence, they represent a comprehensive approach to marketing, creating interactive content for consumers to indulge themselves.

Broadly speaking, it's the process of gathering information about your potential clients through their online search habits. You can use that information to refine and perfect the content that you are trying to present.

In the case of South Africa, studies show that young adults positively respond to social media marketing. Social media marketing is substantial, sturdy and can drastically improve your business practices.

There are tools and means that you can utilise to improve your organic marketing strategies. All of them have something to do with information gathering, refinement, and regulation.

1. Build your versatility and presence

While building your presence online through paid advertisements might be more comfortable, it might not work as well and will end up costing you more money. Organic marketing strategies give you all the benefits of paid advertisements, with a better ROI and a cheaper price tag in turn.

The best way to appeal to the broadest possible audience is to establish your presence through all possible channels. This encompasses both the Internet and real-life forms of advertisement.

2. Understand your audience

Understanding your target audience is extremely important and is the premier way to improve your content. You are in charge of your content and you need to market it accordingly.

Africa is the world's largest growing consumer market and is a fresh one you can get into. Getting into a market on time is a fantastic way to gain an edge over the competition, as brand loyalty and ROI are the pillars of proper business practices.

3. Use social media

Social media and the sheer potential that it brings to organic marketing strategies is integral. There are a lot of ways that you can utilise social media to improve your business and increase your ROI.

Well established social media pages will also improve your SERPs, alongside appealing to the younger audiences — which are prevalent on social media. While Facebook might be the king of social media at the time, versatility is vital.

Establish your presence on as many platforms as you can, but remember to keep consistency. A few good social media accounts are far better than many 'shoddy' ones.

4. Make use of quizzes

Online quizzes are best at gathering information. Using a proper online quiz maker is essential to collect as many authoritative details as you possibly can. If you want to create an online quiz, you will need to utilise the latest and greatest in quiz creation technology.

There are a lot of different quiz creation tools on the Internet, but there is only a handful that applies to a proper marketing strategy. One such tool is Lead Quizzes, which allows you to create compelling, information-gathering quizzes without much hassle.

Quizzes are the premier tool for lead generation, ROI, and increased interactions.

5. Measure data with analytics tools

Having the best information-gathering tools is pretty much useless if you can't analyse any of them properly. To make sure that you examine all of your information to its fullest extent, you need to utilise such a tool.

One such tool is Google Analytics, the premier business solution for information analytics. Google Analytics lets you measure website performance, and allows you to make changes if need be.

6. Consider traditional media

While in developed countries and regions, traditional media might seem out of the budget, in developing countries of Africa, getting an advertisement through traditional media means such as radio and television is very achievable.

Africa is not the most Internet present content in the world, and while the amount of people online is steadily rising, traditional media still reigns supreme. Including traditional media in your organic marketing strategy and tactic could make your business that much more accessible, increase your ROI, SERPs and establish your business further.

7. Tweak your content 

Tweaking and improving your content on a regular basis is by far the most effective way to stay on top of your competition. As African public relations are improving, more and more brands are moving into the continent itself.

One way to get a new edge is to provide a needed service first. And providing excellent services is only as good as you’re willing to make it. Constant improvements are an effective way to stand out and stand firm.

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