Looking at the marketing aspect, main marketing channels such as magazines, billboards and flayers have fallen in the shadow of the digital world. We can't say that the old-school marketing efforts have completely lost their charms — but digital marketing is surely superior. If you haven't yet employed your digital marketing targeting, you are missing a whole online community that won't get a chance to get to know your brand. 

Here are five tips to help you build a digital marketing strategy:

1. Create a buyer persona

One of the benefits of the online community is the availability of information. You should use that as an opportunity to create a buyer persona. Details that make your buyer persona will determine the direction of your digital marketing campaign.

All the information you collect should be based on real data. The sources that you can use include:
  • surveying your email subscribers
  • polling your website visitors
  • analysing information about your current customers
  • analysing your competitors' followers on social media

2. Determine your goals

Setting the goals and objectives of your digital campaign will serve as a guide during your campaign. Your digital marketing strategy depends on the purpose that it needs to serve.

The question you need to ask yourself is, 'What do I want to accomplish?' Do you want to spread brand awareness? Do you want to increase sales? Or, do you want to grow your online presence?

For example, if you want to increase online sales, you can start a referral programme via email marketing. But if you want to spread brand awareness, you should rather focus on growing your followers on social media through influencer marketing.

Make the goals as specific as you can, because the clearer the goals are, the easier it will be to single out the effective marketing moves.

3. Decide on marketing channels

Digital marketing is comprised of many distribution options. These include:
  • emails
  • blogs
  • social media profiles
  • online advertisements
  • social media paid advertisements
You need to know what aspect of digital marketing it is that you want to focus on. Choose as many options as you desire — just make sure that you clearly state what marketing channels you want to explore and use.

4. Plan your content

As surprising as this can be, planning out your content in advance is very important for a successful digital marketing strategy. Depending on the content you want to distribute, you'll need to establish a marketing team that can carry out that responsibility.

If you want to start a high-quality blog and you don't have an expert writer, you might want to consider contacting professional writing services such as Supreme Dissertations, Studicus or Writing Judge. You'll also need to get familiar with some useful editing and proofreading tools like Grammarly or Hemingway Editor.

It is crucial that you take content creating seriously. Even though the content will be published digitally, it needs to be unique and high-quality to be noticed.

5. Write it all down

All of the above-mentioned aspects of digital marketing are pieces of a puzzle that you need to put together. Once you've clarified every aspect, you'll have your digital marketing strategy.

For you and your team to be consistent and determined throughout the campaign, you should write everything down. This means that you should state the buyer persona, your goals, the channels you'll use and content that you'll distribute. This will ensure that every team member is on the same page when implementing the digital marketing strategy that you have agreed on.

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