Apart from usual channels such as YouTube, we can plant videos virtually anywhere — from websites to social network pages to emails. This multiplatform ability of videos is a starting advantage in terms of reach; however, it doesn't guarantee that we'll have a major success in reaching new followers just by investing in video promotion.

Nevertheless, here are three proven ways to increase brand reach and improve digital marketing through customised video:

1. Add subtitles to YouTube videos

According to metrics, YouTube is the most popular video-sharing platform. It is where people go when they require:
  • video tutorials
  • explainers
  • product unboxing, and
  • practical, educative and entertaining content.
Adding subtitles to your videos allows you to address the audience in your native language and still manage to keep a foreign audience. This is especially beneficial if you're producing tutorials or 'how-to' videos. Subtitles provide the audience with tools to fully understand your instructions and this is of paramount importance.

Although YouTube allows the creation of automatic translation, these subtitles are rarely meeting the audience's expectations, which is why you should plan this move carefully. You should first analyse where your international audience comes from and then choose a few of the most popular languages.

The next step should be sending a transcript to a writing service like Dissertation-today because they hire multilingual content writers that could translate your content. This would ensure that your content is of good quality.

2. Place actionable call-to-action buttons

Sharing a video on most platforms is a seamless task; however, it's not best practice to sit and wait for the viewers to share your content on their own or to take a look at your latest or related video.

Consider placing call-to-action buttons within your video to remind the audience to share your content. Additionally, you could also add buttons that lead to a related video, in case your audience needs more information about a certain topic.

The goal is to increase audience interaction with your channel, which will alert the platform and Google search engine about the relevance of your brand. The more time that people spend watching your videos, the higher the chance is for increased organic reach when people search for similar content.

Another benefit is that YouTube will most likely place your content within a user's homepage the next time they login based on their browsing history and cookies.

3. Use keywords to make your content easier to discover

Use a keyword planner or another keyword analysis tool to come up with the most popular set of phrases for your content. You should know how people search for specific video material in order to create appropriate titles and descriptions.

SEO plays a vital role in brand reach improvement because most of your audience will come in contact with your brand by searching for a specific topic or a solution to their own personal or business issue.

A video title should be self-explanatory. This means that it should indicate the purpose of the video right off the bat. Avoid using clickbait titles that are nothing but misleading, which is why Google considers it a foul SEO play.

When it comes to descriptions, you should be brief and straight to the point, giving the audience general info about the content of the video and the sources that you were using for development. Make sure that your description is topnotch — both grammatically and in terms of SEO.

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