In the advertisement, Harold is heard answering a call from his friend, who is a minister. They have a discussion that aims to generate giggles because of the controversial topic of load shedding and substations. Harold then gives his friend tips to make the dark "nice" when spending time with his wife and to save his position at home.

"Many South Africans can admit that the month of love wouldn't be as exciting without a NetFlorist creative radio commercial that also works wonders as an ice breaker," says NetFlorist's marketing manager Thalissa Pillay. 

"The brand is not only trying to bring a little bit of cheer to South Africans during a 'dark period', as many would say, but NetFlorist is also encouraging South Africans to purchase gifts early to make sure their loved ones have a special Valentine's Day," adds Pillay.

"The decision to make space for Harold to hop onto the love train was not only based on entertainment but was also due to popular demand from consumer feedback. However, Bra Gift is still a loved and celebrated character," Pillay adds.

According to NetFlorist, the relationship that consumers have with Harold has always been strong. The brand says that the character has an "uncanny ability to break through the clutter and maintain a uniqueness on radio". The brand says that its target audience needed more 'smooches' and it is giving the market what they want, while staying true to its ethos.

The South African florist and flower and gift delivery service will also be commemorating 21 years as a brand this year. 

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