According to Ogilvy, the tongue-in-cheek campaign that was conceptualised by Taryn Scher, Melissa Attree, Robyn Phillips, Daniel Fisher and Paul Fulton. The campaign aims to suggest that living the 'celeb' life that we see on Instagram is not only possible, but very easy. 

The campaign intends to counter the idea that it's getting harder and harder to be happy with what you've got. According to Egg Films, the campaign was also a chance for Adams to show off his comedic sensibility.

The brand says that Adams brought a strong visual style to the campaign, as well as detail and fun casting choices. These included the fun spots in the campaign 'Cyril' and 'Kim and Kanye'. 

"Robin's attention to detail really comes through in these spots. Not just with the gorgeous cinematography and art direction, but even how the voice-over landed the quirky humour and concept. He is obsessive in the best way possible," concludes Ogilvy's creative director, Scher.

You can also watch 'Kim and Kanye' here.

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*Image courtesy of Egg Films