The television commercial opens in a bar, initially feeling more like a traditional beer television commercial. This changes when a character called Joe asks the waiter for a piece of lime to add to his beer.

The tense silence amongst the friends, combined with an eloquently delivered line by Butler, lands the message in the most endearing and engaging way possible. In true 'Butler fashion', that is conveyed as the start and the end of the entire conversation. "I loved the [Windhoek] script. I found it very funny and the humour was right up my alley," says Butler. 

Maggie Wang, senior brand manager for Windhoek Beer, says, "Windhoek champions those who stay true to themselves — those who show up as their most authentic self, those who know what's important [and] those who keep it real."

"We found these qualities in Butler, and we were thrilled that he felt an immediate synergy with what our brand stands for," adds Wang. "It was an absolute pleasure working with Butler, a professional in every sense of the word. He is a great performer — charming, entertaining and generous. Much like our brand philosophy, he kept it real throughout the production process," says Wang.

The television commercial, created by LittleBig (CT) and directed by Rob Smith, is currently airing on SABC 1, 2, 3, eTV and a host of channels on DTSV. The television commercial can also be viewed on Windhoek's YouTube channel and website.

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