Following the growth of multiple corporate clients across Africa over the last few years, the group says that KingJames34° is a committed intent to match this expansion in the creative space. The agency will aim to provide clients with the best-in-breed suite of services.

"This announcement really marks the introduction of King James Group Africa. We've always wanted to expand into other parts of the continent but wanted to make sure we did it in a way that was true to King James — through local partnerships that bring local talent and expertise," says James Barty, co-founder and CEO the King James Group. "Kenya was always our dream so this is the exciting culmination of a long-held ambition for the group."

Alistair King, co-founder and CCO of the King James Group, says that for him its about the creative opportunity. "Having been involved in the creative community across the continent for many years, being able to play an active part in creating and driving creative talent and excellence is extremely exciting for us. There are just so many opportunities for creativity to move the needle on growth for Africa," King concludes.

KingJames34° will become the group's third office with other offices located in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The group says that it is the start of a future-focused journey for King James Group Africa, which aims to drive creative excellence across the continent through its independent agency network approach.

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