media update’s Christine Beukes explains the best ways to use emojis in your social media marketing strategy.

If there’s one thing that will help consumers determine the tone of your brand, it’s emojis. In fact, some people can even hold conversations using emojis (it’s like an entirely new language!).

For instance, can you guess what this means?

If you guessed ‘stuck in traffic’, you are correct!

Additionally, including emojis in your marketing makes your brand’s messaging more meaningful and entertaining. For example, if you were a fast food joint that was announcing a new pizza, there is a clear tone difference between these two messages:

Notice how, in the second one, the emojis convey the same message, but it’s a lot more attention-grabbing in a post or ad.

So, are you ready to amp up your social marketing efforts with emojis?

Let’s go!

Will you be using more emojis in your marketing? Let us know in the comments section below.

U lava mahungu aku hisa? Tsalela hina.

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*Image courtesy of Piktochart