When you are starting out

Junior copywriters who are just getting started in the industry are most likely to produce copy similar to what we've been hearing and reading in traditional radio, print and TV ads over the years.

This is because they have been paying so much attention to advertisements with the hopes that, one day, their work will make it too. They have used traditional advertising as a benchmark for how they will need to write.

Now, they are finding that digital is a whole different ballgame altogether. When starting out, pay attention to different styles of writing and try to figure out your own, personal style. 

When you start evolving

Although paying attention as a copywriter is important, it's also important to remember that we can't get comfortable with one way of doing things, while neglecting other ways.

Copywriting, like everything else in the industry, is constantly evolving. It's not just about persuading, informing and entertaining the audience, or showing off your writing skills (although you're allowed to do a little bit of that). It's also about how well you write for different mediums.

When you are growing into it

We're fortunate enough to be in a time that allows us to expand our digital skills, which has made us more than just writers. It's made us bloggers and social media managers, all while juggling deadlines (something we'd never heard of until it was time to meet it).

This can be overwhelming at first, but growing, learning, writing and sometimes winning an award makes it all very exciting.

When you are building the brand

Brands developing their online presence is essentially where copywriters find their space to innovate. A good example of this is clothing stores like The Foschini Group, who has become an e-commerce store and sold its products online.

The same applies to food franchises like Rocomamas and Nandos who have larger-than-life online personas. What this means for their digital copywriters is that they are given just enough freedom to be themselves with wit and the relatability, while also building the brand and catering to consumers.

Copy is what makes the brand's online persona. If the product description is great, then consumers will be buying. If responses on socials are spicy enough, a brand will be trending. Today, that's seen as innovation.

When looking at the bottom line

The best part about being in a junior position is that skill comes second, because skill can be taught. What comes first is how much you want to grow.

A person can not learn persistence and determination. So, its not about being the most innovative writer in the room, it's more about being the best version of yourself. Push yourself to continuously be growing and this will be what opens many doors for you.

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