An average online user browses the Internet every day. This suggests that users are becoming more educated in what they are searching for. 

They will avoid low-quality content and conduct their product or service research intently before making a buying decision. As a brand, you need to be smarter and more confident when convincing them to purchase your service or product.

It is essential to note that the internet is multi-faceted. Marketers can use this as an advantage in converting their prospects into loyal customers. For an SEO agency, this is what will provide more leads. Social Market Way Washington Office has more information regarding this.

Here are four ways to generate leads for an SEO agency:

1. Make use of email marketing

Email marketing is undoubtedly the best lead generation tactic. It's impressive in that it has survived decades and has not been affected by market, SEO or Google developments.

And unlike popular opinion, email marketing isn't as elementary as sending an ad to a list of people. Email marketing today is all about customisation, creativity and multiple approaches. 

You can use email to generates leads in the following ways:
  • email forms used on the site
  • send newsletters
  • create categories and segment your audiences into specific groupings, and
  • automate email marketing using the correct tools

2. Create landing pages that will convert to more leads

No website or SEO business attained success without smart landing pages. In order to attain more leads, you need to:
  • create a landing page to showcase your services and products
  • lead your target customers to the page by sharing a link through an email or other resources, and
  • use a call-to-action to 'seal the deal'.
Make your landing pages visible in search through paid advertising and SEO. 

3. Attend the networking events

You will need to do a bit more than paid searches; you need to attend a few networking events. This will help your prospects know that you exist. If they are unaware of you, you can't convert them to leads.

Do you want your SEO agency to enter the big league? If yes, you need to open up to networking. And at these events, you can choose to be a presenter or a visitor. Both are good.

Either way, you shouldn't remain silent, as this doesn't help you to leverage the networking events. Once you meet the correct people, you will find your SEO agency gaining business opportunities.

4. Generate lead magnets

The chances are that your website does get loaded onto other pages. Are you planning to use them? If yes, then you can use these pages as your lead magnets.

Take advantage of networking through:
  • premium memberships
  • case studies
  • infographics
  • eBooks
  • whitepapers
  • SEO reports
  • archives and image gallery
  • press releases
  • product and service information
Make sure that you let your audience know the utility and relevance of your service and product offerings. Once they realise that they require your product, they will make a buying decision in your direction. 

*Image courtesy of Pixabay