According to Hoorah Digital, the concept of social distancing would have seemed like a strange anomaly just a short while back; but as the novel coronavirus has taken hold, social distancing, and the subsequent lockdown measures imposed by governments around the world, it has become a way of life.

"Our logo represents the connecting of dots, which is at the heart of what we do — we drive results by connecting digital media tech, data and creativity," says Simon Spreckley, chief creative officer at Hoorah Digital.

"We're still doing that, but are really leveraging the technology at our disposal so that we can do it remotely. And the change to our logo affirms our commitment to social distancing and lockdown," adds Spreckley.
He concludes that creatives are always looking to push the boundaries and have fun, while conveying an important and serious message. "By simply removing the lines that connected the dots in our logo, we are able to make a powerful statement. That's the power of creativity."

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