Blogging has opened up loads of possibilities for people to make money online. These possibilities are dependent on the types of blog, centered audience, as well as the tone and fashion of writing.

However, blogging without an effective montisation strategy in place may not bring the expected result. If you truly want to make money online through blogging, here are seven effective ways that you could use to earn a living by blogging:

1. Affiliate marketing

This is the method of selling other people or company's products through affiliate links in return for commission. As a blogger or website owner, you can do this is via recommendation and products mentioned in a weblog post and linking again to a third party website.

When making a decision to apply affiliate marketing as a monetisation tactic, make sure to promote links that are genuine and relevant to your target audience in order to provide people visiting your website with great user experience and thus increasing your conversion rate.

2. Sponsored posts

There are so many opportunities in relation to sponsored posts. To implement this approach, you will create a blog content intended to sell a specific product, enterprise or services in return for an agreed commission.

The contents may be created by you or the enterprise owner. This is very popular among travel bloggers.

3. Ad-sense

The idea with this weblog monetisation is to encompass ad-spaces on your blog wherein Google ads will be displayed so that when a user visit your blog or website and click on such ads, you get paid.

4. Banners

This strategy involves offering a banner space on the market on your site or blog. In this case, enterprises and groups who are interested in advertising on your website will get in touch with you for an agreed payment.

This is similar to ad-sense in the sense that you offer ads space in both cases. The major difference is that, while ad-sense are dynamic ads offer by Google, which constantly change, banner ads are not dynamic.

5. E-mail marketing

Studies have shown that e-mail marketing has maximum return on investment. To implement this method, you will have to create a targeted lead magnet and offer it for free to your targeted audience in return for their contact details.

Once you have their contact, build a good relationship with them by providing them helpful tips and valuable information.

You can buy private label rights products to lead nurture them so that they get to know you better and believe in your brand. Thereafter, promote your products and see the amazing result.

6. Create and sell e-books

e-book is a downloadable digital product that doesn't require start-up inventory. It is the fastest and easiest information products to create usually offer in PDF format.

This is a great way to monetise a blog. You can create it yourself by simply buying Plr products that are relevant to your business and your topic and use as a guide to create your own.

You can as well buy Plr e-book and resell it like that or hire a professional to create it for you.

7. Selling online courses

This is another great blog monetisation method with lots of untapped opportunities. 

The market is hungry for information; you would benefit from creating an e-course that solves a particular problem and using it to feed the hungry market in return for money. If you are a beginner, start with private label rights e-courses. 

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