With this in mind, here are six tips that will help you improve your visual strategy on social media, as well as to engage your audience and raise interest in your brand:

1. Analyse published content

Not every post you publish has the same success with your audience; therefore, it's of paramount importance that you analyse your previous posts and pinpoint the type of visuals that seems to be the most appealing to your audience.

This way, you'll be able to create a matrix and facilitate your content planning process. Take into account the number of 'Likes', shares, comments, as well as other available metrics, to make the most of each new post.

2. Make a plan for each post

Planning your visual content can help you improve the outcome of each post you publish on social media. The planning process should include the type of content (image, infographics, GIF, etc.), and the goal of your post.

This performs well; whether its for promoting a new service, discount, or just a fun way to engage your followers and increase the reach of your post.

Using imagery to disclose a message can be more impactful than just posting a piece of text. For example, well-crafted infographics can be used to promote dissertation writing services by presenting a series of information accompanied by images that underline the value of your company, or show off the skills your essay writers possess.

What's even more important is that the image should go along with the message carried by your tagline. If your message represents affordable professional writing services, the image should include elements related to writing.

Your goal determines the majority of your visual strategy features. Do you want the people to go directly to your blog or product or you want them to research and to look through other options, or to make their content or blog by themselves?

3. Don't put a stamp on it

Your social media page already shows your company logo or avatar, therefore making them a consistent element of every post you publish is overkill.

Instead, try to make each of your posts in line with your brand's visual identity. This means using the colors and typesetting that can be easily associated with your business. Using this approach will allow the audience to focus on your post without the annoying invasive company insignia placement.

4. Enhance taglines with images

Your tagline should demonstrate the uniqueness of your brand; however, to make the message as comprehensive as possible, you could use background images to capture the attention to those few words that best describe you.

The image should be closely related to your brand's industry, culture and in tone with the typesetting you chose for your tagline.

5. Be mindful of the copy

Copywriting is an integral part of your visual strategy, be it a post description, short message that punchlines your post, or as an element of the image.

Descriptions are vital because they allow the public to get the full idea of your announcement, but if you're not secure about your writing skills there are some writing tools that can help you in your endeavor.

Writing services can help you with creating a strong description or proofread your copy for publishing; spelling and grammar mistakes are not something you wish to deliver to your audience because it can make them think you're not taking your job seriously.

6. Why so serious?

Humour is the best way to ease the tension; it's a natural way for humans to feel comfortable with one another. Although it's important to demonstrate professionalism and efficiency to your followers, remember that most people use social media to relax and have fun, as well as get into a discussion with random people about irrelevant topics.

Posting memes related to a certain hot topic is always a good way to communicate with your audience and feel their pulse. It can also spur a series of user-generated posts in the comment section, which is a great way to extend the life of your original post.

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*Image courtesy of Unsplash