According to CWDi, due to the COVID-19 breakout, many businesses that previously relied on face-to-face interactions have pivoted into operating online. The reality is that now, most companies are having to find ways to function online.

"Companies are now having to move their events, from small meetings to bigger conferences, into the virtual space. However, this is uncharted territory for many, which is why we at CWDi have developed a solution that will help keep individuals and businesses connected with the help of a friendly wingman at their side," says Samantha Gabriel, group experiences director at CWDi.

A CWDi Digital Wingman aims to offer support and guidance with:
  • webinars
  • virtual events and meetings
  • WhatsApp for business 
  • social media planning 
  • design, and
  • management.
The team comprises skills in a variety of platforms including (but not limited to):
  • Virtual Event
  • Zoom
  • MS Teams
  • Google Hangouts, and
  • WhatsApp for business.
"We are proud to have a virtual platform that has been developed to house all content in one place like a venue, sponsor and exhibitor boothes and enable networking lounges for attendees and speakers," says CWDi.

Supported platforms

Virtual meetings
Ideal for various kinds of meetings that comprise between five to 200 people and multiple presenters. A dedicated Digital Wingman assists with scheduling meetings, registration and the RSVP of all attendees.

The meetings include:
  • polling sessions
  • a moderate Q&A session
  • active chat functionality
  • breakaway sessions, and
  • question upvoting.
A recording with all the questions answered is uploaded onto a cloud or a company's social media platforms.

Virtual event
This is a bespoke and customisable platform, designed around an organisation's specific event needs. The offering is ideal for conferences, exhibitions, roadshows and networking events hosting 100 or more attendees. 

These events allow attendees to engage in-platform on:
  • interactive sessions
  • interactive polls
  • quizzes
  • competitions
  • chat rooms
  • discussion lounges
  • exhibition, and
  • sponsor booths. 
WhatsApp for business
The offering comprises a robust business messaging channel for companies to communicate with customers on a platform that they already use and trust. This two-way communication channel with customers uses various types of communication, such as text, image and video.

It allows businesses to share information and updates quickly with real-time private and secure responses to customers, with a designated community manager to field all responses.

Social media help
If a business does not already have a social media presence, now is the time to create one, says CWDi. A dedicated Digital Wingman will:
  • help set up chosen platforms
  • create content
  • schedule posts, and
  • write and design posts.
They can also track and report on cross channel and organic strategy. The Wingman also tracks and reports on cross channel paid and organic strategy, as well as monitor and alert clients to comments and DM's within three hours.

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