media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg looks at how to market your brand during lockdown — in 100 words or less.

With everything going digital (perhaps now more than ever before), brands that have been invested in being present online are reaping the fruits of their labour during a time where people are self-isolating and avoiding going out.

Luckily, it’s never too late to get onto the digital train.

Let’s take a look at three lockdown-friendly ways to market your brand:

1. Social media

If your brand has been leaving social media as an afterthought, now is the time to change that! Social is an essential tool to connect your brand with current and potential consumers. As the saying goes, if you aren’t on social media, do you even exist?

With people spending more time at home than ever before, the best way to reach them will be through social platforms. Do your research and find out which apps your target audience uses. This will allow you to create content tailored specifically for it and make your brand’s presence known.

2. Content marketing

This type of marketing is all about promoting your business through your content online rather than by pushing your brand via traditional means. Essentially, your content does all the talking.

This is key to employ now since there will be far fewer people on the roads — and even fewer willing to take unsanitised products. That's why online is the way to go!

For example, if your brand sells pillows, you can publish tips on how to find the perfect pillow. You can then link back to the different types of pillows you offer as examples in your content.

3. E-commerce

If your consumers can’t purchase your products or services online, then now is the time to consider setting up an e-store for them. South Africans are still under lockdown and, although it’s level 3, many people still prefer to stay indoors.

Brands without an online store are being harder hit than those with e-commerce options, as when people are at home, they may still want to buy your products. Make it easy for them to shop online, as it will definitely increase your brand’s chances of staying relevant.

What are some other ways brands can market themselves during level 3 lockdown? Let us know in the comments section below.

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*Image courtesy of Pixabay