According to the partnership, the spread of the coronavirus around the world has been devastating to the events industry. Global lockdown measures in response to the pandemic have brought events to a halt, posing an unprecedented challenge to event companies and organisers to reimagine the industry through innovative and disruptive solutions.

The duo says that, while restrictions are gradually being lifted, it is going to take a long time for the events industry to fully recover; however, it is critical for event companies and organisers to continue delivering meaningful experiences that inspire human connection and delivers value to all stakeholders.

"We believe that this platform comes along at a critical juncture in the industry's recovery,” says idna Africa chief ideas officer Tamlynne Wilton-Gurney. "These are without a doubt trying and difficult times for the industry, but if we're not uncomfortable, we're not learning, and if we're not learning, we're not growing."

"People in the events industry know how to work under pressure and problem-solving is part of our DNA. Now is the time to harness these strengths, collaborate and embrace technology, so we can do what we do best, deliver memorable experiences and create meaningful human connections," adds Wilton-Gurney.

'virtuworx' is a plstofrm that aims to deliver hyper-realistic real-life environments that are tailored to the events industry. It features customisable elements and interactions that mimic real-life event experiences. 

Beyond board meetings and corporate events, the platform can be leveraged across industries, from virtual art tours to tradeshows and complex conferences. Wilton-Gurney says that the platform will not only address short-term challenges but provide long-term opportunities for the events industry.

"Through the platform, we are able to create memorable virtual experiences that don’t compromise the human connection that is vital to successful events. It is a truly immersive 3D world where people can interact with and navigate around hyper-realistic recreations of real-world venues. It has none of the limitations of standard virtual event platforms," adds Wilton-Gurney.

idna has confirmed that they have signed up Green Building Council South Africa and the Institute of People Management, which will be among the first to host their flagship annual conventions on the platform later in 2020.

"We are extremely excited to be working with idna in the African market. Wilton-Gurney and the idna team have the ambition and creativity to take our product as far as we dream it to go in the African market," says David Cummins, executive director at CG Labs. 

"The partnership has also helped us to make the platform large-scale event-ready and to this end, Wilton-Gurney will continue to consult with the CG Labs team to provide customisable experiences for customers around the world," concludes Cummins.

Individuals who would like to see the platform 'in action' are encouraged to click here.

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