First things first, what is meant by a digital marketing unicorn?

A digital marketing unicorn is a person who takes on all the tasks and roles of a digital marketer, including creating content, editing video content and much more. They focus on many different tasks at hand (sometimes even coding) and can make use of various programs, such as photoshop and Google Adwords.

There are always pros and cons to anything new a company may try. For example, you might want to hire a digital marketing unicorn because they contain all the wonderful skills your team requires, without your company actually having to hire an entire team. However, the cons actually outweigh the pros.

Employing a unicorn can be tempting considering all the buzz around them, but it’s important to do your research and have a clear understanding of what exactly you will be getting yourself into.

There are three good reasons why hiring a unicorn might not be the best strategy for your company.

Here they are:

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