The agency says that, considering the current situation, everyone has shifted to contactless and digital mediums for every possible thing; it is now mandatory for a brand to have a strong digital presence. 

"As a creative agency, working with brands from various industries is necessary to adapt the changing situation and come up with innovative yet relatable ideas," say the team at the agency. "All the brands now have become more active, focusing more on performance-based marketing."

The agency is now offering solutions to:
  • Muwin
  • Appario
  • Myra
  • Surat City Traffic Police
  • Samara Tea
  • Mantone
  • Mustin
  • Varanga, and
  • Panchhi.
Anushree Pacheriwal, co-founder and creative navigator at Gemius Design Studio, says, "Gemius has always been known for the concepts and creative strategies. We have been striving to come up with ideas and strategies that can attract consumers of our clients and ensure we get the right kind of business opportunities."

"During the lockdown and even now, we are striving for the same and with all the new accounts on board, we are working aggressively on innovative and path-breaking ideas to capture the market," adds Pacheriwal.

Arunima Jain, studio manager at Gemius Design Studio, says, "When multiple clients come on board, operations become a challenge. The team has been super excited to plan all the campaigns, ideas and strategies."

"As we have started rolling out communications for a few of the brands, the result speaks for itself. We are all 'hands on deck' for the time to come and are totally pumped up for the days ahead," adds Jain.

Saurabh, co-founder and captain at Gemius Design Studio, says "The team and the leaders are putting in endless efforts to ensure our work quality remains consistent with all the work we are doing."

"Not just in today's time but in general, honesty and consistency are the two key things one should adopt to deliver the right kind of services. We always bank by these qualities and ensure that no matter the situation or the challenge we are facing, we deliver to the promise we have committed," adds Saurabh.

"These have surely been trying times with the COVID situation, taking us all on a roller coaster ride but we have been able to sail through. Gemius is also celebrating six years and we can proudly say, so far so good," concludes Saurabh.

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