According to MetropolitanRepublic, both the board appointment and Sesing's new responsibilities reflect MetropolitanRepublic's ambition and intention to solidify its position as a business-orientated creative company; this is to employ innovation and business sciences to realise meaningful solutions and growth with purpose for clients.

"Throughout his career, Sesing has demonstrated an amazing ability to apply a breadth of creative thinking to communications, products and services and consulting," says Paul Warner, founder of the agency.

"He talks with a lot of passion about businesses constantly future-proofing through innovation, brands striking great resonance with consumers by connecting their respective purposes and where these two worlds intersect," adds Warner.

"We're looking forward to having Sesing's talent and energy on our board," says Warner. "We've been forging new paths for a while now and have always been a purpose-led thinking company first — not just to navigate a new world, but to help create purpose-led solutions to assist our clients create a better world."

"Working shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, we don't shy away from the inevitable challenges that arise — we lean into them," Warner adds.

"Sesing is exceptionally talented in designing ideas that start something, fix something or pave the way to create something new — ideas that will spread organically, attract customers and ignite action so that the brand achieves its triple bottom line business objectives," Warner concludes.

Sesing joined MetropolitanRepublic in June 2019 as its executive creative director. With 16 years' worth of experience in the industry, he has worked on several of the country's largest brands including:
  • Pick 'n Pay
  • MTN
  • SABC, and
  • South African Tourism.
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