Tying your customer service together, however, is the human touch. Companies need to bear in mind that technology must enable authentic engagement; it doesn't replace it.

Your PBX (provided it's cloud-based) is the key to connecting your teams at home and at work. It enables customers to reach you whenever and wherever they or you are and is a cornerstone of your customer experience.

If you haven't yet, include your telephone system in your digital transformation plans. Here are three reasons why you should do this:

1. People understand voice

While digital channels can and do contribute significantly to a good customer experience, many customers prefer voice, as studies have shown and it has an integral role to play in delivering a good customer experience.

2. It is a good stepping stone

Full-blown software as a service may sound daunting, but moving your PBX into the cloud means you get to keep all of the familiar elements of your telephony, while going digital and benefiting from remote access to your PBX, cost savings, better management and a host of other advantages digital telephony enables.

3. Telephony does what it says on the box

A telephony system links you to your current and future customers simply and effectively. Voice conversations create a connection between you and your customers in a way other communication channels can't. It's personal, immediate and can link individuals or groups of people together.

Telephony has become such an integral part of human engagement that we often forget the value it really brings. Voice communications are going to be as important now, and in the future, than they ever have been as people strive to connect in a world that is becoming more digital. Your business should ensure it is prepared for that.

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