Tractor Outdoor CEO Simon Wall says, "We jumped at the opportunity to partner with the Loeries in the OOH category as we want to shine a light on one of the most exciting and creative mediums currently available."

"In doing so, [we] inspire and invigorate more and more creatives to make use of the technological and creative advancements in DOOH and OOH," adds Wall.

"The Loeries '#CreateChange' for 2020 suited our partnership as it fits the innovation and creativity impact that Tractor takes prides in providing its clients. More importantly, the global shift to DOOH is fast gaining momentum as 'dynamic' screens, varying in size, respond in real-time to consumers," adds Wall.

"Marketers from Paris to New York and Dubai to Cape Town are harnessing the powerful trend that has digital screens responding in real-time to factors like traffic flows, weather, sales or store footfalls," Wall says.

Loeries board member Tseliso Rangaka, says, "Outdoor is a huge part of the African and Middle East media landscape. Despite the large footprint, innovative creative execution in this space is still a rarity, more so when it comes to digital outdoor."

"For this reason, I am excited to see the Loeries partner with Tractor on a mission to help raise the standard of creativity in this category," adds Rangaka.

"Gone are the days when a commuter rides past the same billboard twice a day over several months. Now, a creative concept developed at 10:00 can be executed immediately," says Wall.

"The beauty of DOOH is the technology and inbuilt software with sensors that can change an ad in keeping with real-time data inputs. For example, if the pollen count in the vicinity of a screen rises, a pharmaceutical ad could switch from a beauty product to a nasal spray. A food franchise screen could differ at breakfast and lunchtimes or a screen can offer immediacy with news or sports results," Wall adds.

"In short, we have entered an era of real-time responses through a bounce back medium. And, as many clients relaunch products, DOOH challenges the ubiquitous pop-up online ads that consumers increasingly block," says Wall. "Our intention is to enthuse and empower creatives to harness and leverage the immediacy of the format. Eighteen months ago the rate card value in South Africa was R2-billion; just imagine the growth as creatives are unleashed into the new space." 

Wall says that strained ad budgets can be accommodated by sharing as little as 10% of a screen or only using specific times of the day, such as the rush hour. Different screens in different locations can carry content tailored to the specific audience.

Loeries CEO Preetesh Sewraj concludes, "Our partnership with Tractor will add real value to our forthcoming Creative Week and to our commitment to being a source of innovative ideas for the brand communication industry. Ultimately, I look forward to seeing this partnership support creativity that create a positive impact for consumers and brands."

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