"Our location intelligence — including precise geofencing — brings unique capabilities to OOH,"  says Andrew Gillett, TAPTAP's commercial director. "Location connects online and offline worlds for more visibility,"

"Through historical (up to 90 days) and real-time location data, we can accurately measure if users have been exposed to an OOH campaign," adds Gillett. "This allows us to effectively retarget them in the moment on mobile or in a different moment."

"We recently used this solution with a leading ISP on a campaign to drive lead generation off their OOH holdings — the results from which were so strong that campaign investment increased by 83%," says Gillett.

Simone Visser, OOH data and insights strategist at Posterscope South Africa, says, "On Posterscope's journey to becoming the leading location experts, we have invested loads of time and budget to evolve our data and tools along with it."

"One of the key partnerships on our journey is our partnership with TAPTAP. The key selling point for us was TAPTAP's geospatial technology that enabled data-driven mobile solutions for our clients. Their capabilities are endless and no matter what BIG idea you have, they have the passion and know-how to bring it to life," adds Visser.

"A big focus for us is MOOH, which increases the effectiveness of our clients' OOH campaigns and is another user touchpoint that offers engagement with their audiences. We are happy to be on this journey with TAPTAP and are very excited for what the future holds," concludes Visser.

For more information, visit www.taptapdigital.com.