According to Ogilvy, LinkedIn has become the social destination for business, employment and company culture content. Ogilvy says that its global social and thought leadership strategy is a 'natural fit' with LinkedIn.
Ogilvy's one million LinkedIn followers come from across the globe and the business spectrum. The top five nations represented in Ogilvy's LinkedIn community include:
  • the United States
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil, and
  • Spain.
The agency's followers come from industries such as:
  • marketing and advertising
  • information technology
  • services
  • design
  • higher education, and
  • financial services.
Ogilvy says that its LinkedIn following has grown rapidly; just two years ago, Ogilvy had 500 000 followers. 

John Vetrano, Ogilvy's worldwide social media manager and community growth strategist, says, "Our success can be attributed to the relentless pursuit of crafting compelling content around the incredible minds and creative genius of our amazing colleagues."

"Tapping into Ogilvy's rich heritage of creative and strategic excellence has provided the fuel that has allowed us to drive increased interest, engagements and ultimately growth," concludes Vetrano.

According to the agency, Ogilvy's presence on LinkedIn doesn't just benefit the agency itself but its clients and partners as well; their work and ideas are 'being amplified' to the agency's following.

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