According to FNB, Kolisi has made strides in supporting sport development and community upliftment throughout South Africa. His contribution to social cohesion and upliftment is synonymous with FNB's brand promise of '#Realhelp', illustrated through the bank’s innovative solutions and programmes, says FNB.

"Kolisi is a selfless global icon. He is a true embodiment of nation-building, unity and demonstrates the true value of help, trust, leadership and togetherness," says Faye Mfikwe, FNB's chief marketing officer. 

"We are proud to have him on board as our ambassador and look forward to working with him in driving our commitment to make a positive contribution to society through the principles of shared value," adds Mfikwe.

"I'm incredibly proud to be partnering with a strong and valuable South African brand that continues to uplift and reimagine the concept of 'help'. This partnership is a continuation of a journey that began many years ago with this brand," says Kolisi.

"Coming together and unifying a nation is of utmost importance at this time and a little bit of help can go a long way in helping others. I'm excited to be part of a brand that believes in '#Realhelp and hope'," Kolisi adds.

"The COBID-19 pandemic encourages us to rethink our contribution to society across our solutions, social upliftment and sponsorship properties. This period also allows us to further entrench our innovative attitude to creating solutions for society," says Mfikwe.

"We are tremendously inspired by Kolisi's work and are very excited to be partnering with him to advance our collective social impact," concludes Mfikwe.

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