"While Halls has achieved unparalleled success to date as a soothing lozenge for winter coughs trusted for its product efficacy, the Halls candy is able to offer so much more," says the brand.

The Halls brothers' original mission was to 'help the world breathe better' during the industrial age. The brand says that, in today's world, mental congestion is a more relevant challenge.

"For the generation raised to be 'always on' in this fast-paced time, breathing better — and the mental clarity that results — is more important than ever before. Halls, with its unique long-lasting cooling effect, can authentically own the mental benefits that flow from breathing better," says Halls.

Category brand manager Zainab Mohamed says, "For Halls, the simple truth is that when you breathe better, you feel better and mental acuity follows. The powerful cooling sensation of mentho-lyptus opens your airways from your mouth to your head, so you can breathe deeply and therefore feel recharged, recentred and refocused to seize the moment, at any moment."

The multi-media campaign will see both the brand's identity and equity reimagined in line with its repositioning as the lifestyle candy with purpose. This will be done through:
  • refreshed packaging
  • a global TV campaign, and
  • digital media events alongside a defined advocacy strategy.
Mohamed says that the campaign launch is particularly timeous given the mental lethargy now emerging across the world in the wake of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions in many countries.

The campaign tagline of 'Get Ready with a Halls Cooling Breath' has been localised with '#UngapheliUmoya', which aims to embody Hall's ability to reinvigorate the body, mind and soul.

Mohamed concludes, "As a popular brand and proven product, we understand the need to evolve consumer perception with the changing times. With this campaign, Halls is catapulted into the present, in which breathing better is the quick and easy stimulus for mental clarity."

For more information, visit www.hallssouthafrica.co.za. You can also follow Halls on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram