Need some inspiration? media update’s Taylor Goodman has got you covered with three brilliant examples of brands that nailed email marketing. 

In 2019, email amassed 3.9 billion users. Yes, billion. With these figures in mind, it makes sense why so many marketers are keen to seize this opportunity — it’s a consumer goldmine. This being said, email doesn't just return an endless pool of consumers with no intention to follow-through, as 59% of marketers cite email as their number one source of ROI

Given these statistics, it is clear that email marketing is an effective way to deliver targeted messages to an already engaged audience. 

Now that we are sure of its efficiency, let's look at some super email marketing campaigns to inspire you:

1. Amazon

E-commerce site Amazon has mastered the game of email personalisation and it has benefited tenfold because of it. 

According to Campaign Monitor, email personalisation is when “marketers use subscriber data within their email content to make the content feel tailor-made for the individual.” 

Amazon utilises this technique by analysing the user’s past purchases, interests, age, demographics and the amounts that they spend when making purchases. The company then makes of use this information to create email content that will resonate with the customer. 

The above is an example of how the brand does this if a user purchases a t-shirt. It will ask consumers to review the item once they have received it

This helps the brand to build trust with the consumer because it’s  asking relevant questions about how its consumers perceive the product, showing consumers that the brand cares about providing high-quality products and services.

2. Uber

Uber’s email marketing strategy stands out because of its simplicity — an approach that is often overlooked by more attention-grabbing designs. 

Let’s look at an example:

The brand utilises this platform to inform its customers about any special deals or promotions that it’s running. 

The brand also likes to keep its newsletters brief and to the point, usually stating a clear call-to-action. This is effective because it is easy for consumers to skim through on-the-go. If the reader wants more information, they always have a link attached for them to do so. 

Another admirable quality of Uber’s newsletter is that it  is consistent. All correspondence shared by the brand sticks to the same colour scheme, utilises the similar geometric patterns and illustrations. 

Marketers can learn a thing or two from Uber because the brand is  proof that, when it comes to email marketing, sometimes simplicity is key. When readers don’t have to sieve through images or long paragraphs to get to the point of a newsletter, it is more likely to pique their interest. 

3. Buzzfeed 

Buzzfeed’s email newsletter is one of its top sources of traffic, and once you lay your eyes on its compelling subject lines or striking visuals, it's easy to understand why. 

The publication has a daily newsletter called ‘Buzzfeed Daily’ that goes out from Monday to Friday. This newsletter contains curated content, news pieces and fun articles. 

Once you subscribe to ‘Buzzfeed Daily’, you will immediately get a welcome email that contains a bold call to action (‘See what’s trending now!’) that will direct the user to the site’s trending page should they click on it. 

Buzzfeed’s newsletter is appealing to consumers because its punchy, short subject lines and previews grab people’s attention and the engaging content makes them stick around. 

Something that makes the brand’s email marketing strategy unique is that it allows users to select trending newsletters that they would like to subscribe to, according to their interests. 

An example of this, and a subscriber favourite, is the ‘This week in cats’ newsletter that delivers the most heart-warming cat stories to the subscriber’s inbox every Friday.

What is your favorite newsletter that you subscribe to? Why? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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