The brand says that breast cancer impacts over two million women annually, according to the World Health Organization.

According to Pfizer, early-stage breast cancer is where cancer cells are localised and do not spread to other organs, with a potential cure for patients with the option of surgery and adjuvant treatment protocols.

On the other hand, metastatic breast cancer or late-stage cancer is when cancer cells spread to other organs, with treatment guidelines and protocols aiming to control the disease progression to improve patients' quality of life, adds the brand.  

Mohamed Okasha, oncology therapy area lead at Pfizer AfME, says, "Breast cancer remains one of the most common forms of cancer and, in our region, there is an increasing number of cases diagnosed in later stages."

"Through increasing disease awareness efforts, regular self-examination and participating in national screening programmes, we can overturn this trend. Over the past few months, the war against COVID-19 has put tremendous pressure on healthcare systems, patients and communities. It is our responsibility to come together and play our part in driving the impact of awareness and treatment programs," adds Okasha.

"Several advancements over the last decade, such as improved diagnostics and newer treatment options for late-stage breast cancer — including those with different gene abnormalities — offer new hope for breast cancer patients and their families," says Okasha. 

The 'Take Action' campaign focuses on a set of messages that provide a call to action for the community.

For healthcare professionals, the message is that each case is unique, especially for those fighting metastatic breast cancer. Healthcare providers and nurses can employ technologies per their respective approvals to have open conversations and support patients who might feel overwhelmed, powerless and isolated during these challenging times.

For the general public, the message is to 'take action' and take early detection seriously; help friends and families by encouraging regular self-examination and conversations with their doctors.

Throughout October, these messages will feature across several campaign assets, programmes and activities held as part of the 'Take Action' campaign to help drive greater awareness around breast cancer in the region, concludes the brand. 

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