Blend Market is the first immersive marketplace dedicated to connecting clients. It has a global community of skilled creators and solution-providers, as well as hundreds of skills across the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D and Mixed Reality spectrum, says Blend Media.

The launch follows a successful beta phase during which more than 700 of the world's leading brands and immersive technology creators signed up to the service. This included:
  • including global media platforms
  • publishers
  • music labels
  • film studios, and
  • professional services firms such as Deloitte, LADbible and Bill Kenwright Limited.
The platform's mission is to make immersive content, creators and solutions accessible to everyone. Its features include:
  • a project brief builder tha will be guiding clients through the immersive briefing process
  • a real-time chat for messaging and project communication
  • file sharing for contracts, quotes and project deliverables
  • an automated project workflow including payments, milestones, and approvals
  • creator portfolios
  • client and creator reviews
  • automation of the procurement process, and
  • a project referral programme.
The global immersive market is forecast to grow rapidly to over $145- billion USD by 2025, according to management consultancy LEK, with expansion driven by:
  • significant investment from major platforms including Facebook, Microsoft, HTC and Apple
  • declining technology costs
  • the emergence of 5G, and
  • new working practices including virtual meetings, conferences and training resulting from COVID-19 restrictions. 
Blend Media says that use cases for immersive technologies are wide-ranging and are evolving at a significant pace.

"Immersive technology, or extended reality as it has become known, is an exciting, high-growth industry with an explosion in hundreds of thousands of skilled creators. However, it is also a sector that is highly fragmented and, as such, requires an effective means of connecting," says Blend Media founder and CEO Damian Collier.

"That's why we first built our VR content licensing platform, which has been a market leader since 2016, and why we've now built and launched Blend Market to facilitate working relationships on a global scale. We look forward to enabling these fruitful partnerships through this new online marketplace," concludes Collier.

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