Part of the challenge of starting a marketing department in a startup is to acknowledge the fact that there is no proven method for success. The startup environment is uniquely challenging as skillsets are continuously stretched against the backdrop of a fast-paced and ever-evolving industry.

There is no blueprint to follow. You need to forge forward, make mistakes, get back up, learn and keep moving forward. There is no space for complacency or procrastination.

While the journey to success looks different for every company, the ability to stay flexible is a crucial element in any accomplishment. Startup marketing teams need to be nimble, agile and quick in the change of course when something does not work.

At Aura, for example, the vision is creating a national collaborated response network, centred around smart technology — combined with humans responding to emergencies autonomously. This is especially beneficial in helping to curb South Africa's unacceptable levels of gender based violence.

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